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October 21, 2019

Good Service Testimonial

Subject: Good Service
The service we at The Shannon Group received from ITS Trac was unbelievable, we needed new chains for one of our crushers plus a new idler wheel which was in a massive state of annihilation, not much left to get a measurement from sheared pin sheared bolts mostly ground away, without warning a fella Ken turned up with his tools and worked out all original part dimensions, straight into getting his hands dirty after a while he got everything he needed, parts ordered and arrived the following day. No messing no umming and aahring no head scratching no fuss, just simply got what we needed and even called to see how I was getting on with fitting the new parts, all correct almost all done. We would recommend these guys to anyone involved with any type of Plant and Construction Machinery, I also found out they have bucket edges and teeth with real good prices. Many thanks for help advice and our parts.


The Metalshop at The Shannon Group.

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