Undercarriages Track Shoes

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Product Overview

We supply the widest range of shoes suitable for track chains, with link pitch from 90 mm up to 350 mm, covering virtually the entire family of modern crawler machine applications.

Our range includes shoes obtained with single, double and triple grousers made from hot rolled profiles, as well as cast and forged shoes. Shoes are also available in rubber or polyurethane versions, suitable for road and non-standard special applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cast steel, quenching and tempering, special stress relieving treatments guarantee high fatigue resistance.
  • Special induction hardening ensures superior wear resistance.
  • Milling of the contact surfaces with the chain ensures a high precision shoes assembly and improves the component wear life.
single bar grouser track shoe bigTrack shoe

Unfortunately I didn't have your telephone number with me when your driver returned my tracks today.  I was amazed at your speedy turnaround and wanted to thank you straight away. Your service was incredible thank you very much

David J Bishop, JCB Rettendon